Saturday, April 8, 2017

Eggs Benedict - Sous Vide Technique

Today I made the classic Eggs Benedict but not using the classic technique. I thought I'd try using the sous vide device and they came out great.  I would suggest just using the recipe on the Joule website, as it worked perfectly. We only eat one egg per person, as they are pretty rich. But of course that's up to you and your guests. Most restaurants serve them as a pair of two eggs.

Julian's Eggs Benedict - Sous Vide Technique
I broke the yolk open in the photo above so you can see that it was indeed the proper consistency.

I didn't follow the instructions and just put the eggs right into the container without a bag. It worked fine but I'll go back to using a plain zippered storage bag in the future. Easier to remove.

I had some leftover ham, so I just fried that up in butter. Then I quickly pan fried the English muffins and placed both in a 200F oven to stay warm.

The hollandaise sauce was also cooked in a bag in the sous vide right along with the eggs. Even though it doesn't look right when you are done cooking it, it does become perfectly creamy and clings to a spoon when processed. 

Above I'm starting to assemble the breakfast. Only thing left is a bit of sauce spooned over the top. 

If you fear making Eggs Benedict for a group, this recipe and technique will ensure you can do it for a brunch for 8 as easy as you can for an intimate breakfast for 2. And you won't spend your entire morning in the kitchen or worried about poaching those eggs.

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