Saturday, September 14, 2013

BBQ Turkey Wings and Legs ~ Disney style!

Think Autumn and you think turkey; at least I do.  While it may be a bit too early for the full roasted bird, it's just about the perfect time to make some turkey wings or legs.  With summer waning I start to get tired of the classic burgers, brats and steaks on the grill and turn my attention to the (Disney) classic turkey legs or wings.

Justin serves up a Disney turkey leg.
"Disney classic" you say?  You must not have been to the famous theme parks if you are unfamiliar with the barbecued wonders.   If you have been, then you know they are a crowd favorite and pretty much available in every single U.S. Disney theme park.  To start they are very big, and they are smoked and barbecued.  They really are quite tasty, but whatever process they use to make them certainly increases their calorie count.  Although at nearly $10 per leg, I suppose you should get the 1,000 calories they entail.  If you want to imitate the Disney leg, I recommend you visit my fellow blogger here and use his recipe.  As he says, it's about as close as you can get to Disney without actually going there.

For me, the legs are pretty large and even the fresh turkey legs available in our butcher's meat case are more than we can eat.  Some folks do split up the Disney version and surely they are enough for 2-3 people.  But turkey wings, on the other hand, are just about right to serve one per person.  So that's why I make the wings instead of the legs.

It's really a simple method, which is just to rub the wings with olive oil and then sprinkle them with a dry barbecue rub.  This is a perfect time to use the extra rub I encouraged you to make in June.  Just follow the link if you don't have any rub on hand.  Rub the wings generously and place them in a sealed storage back, then refrigerate them for four hours (minimum) or overnight (better.)

On cooking day, heat the grill to only moderately hot (about 300F degrees).  Place the wings on the lightly oiled grates (to prevent sticking) and let them slowly cooking for about an hour.

"The Sweetest Meat is Closest to the Bone"

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