Saturday, November 12, 2016

Julian's Thanksgiving Buffet

Most families in America gather together for Thanksgiving and this usually means feeding a crowd. As such, the buffet is usually the way to go as you may have people dining at multiple tables.

Julian's Thanksgiving Dining Room Table
Further the large number of dishes prepared often makes it impracticable to try and and place them on the dining tables themselves.  So we lay out the dishes on a buffet and let everyone take what they like best. Most will make several trips to enjoy this full holiday feast.

This year on the buffet I have a cranberry jello salad, chestnut stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, corn bread, ham and of course, a roasted turkey. 

As I'm having ten guests for dinner, I've set an additional table in the kitchen that coordinates with the dining room, so no one feels left out. In year's past I've also added a separate table in the kitchen area that seats another six persons. Thankfully, I have a large set of Lenox Eternal cream colored china that can be used on any occasion. With this basic set of china table service, you can simply change up the table linen and center pieces to match any occasion. 

Carved Roasted Turkey
Of course, the turkey is the center of everyone's holiday feast. Most people only eat turkey this one time per year. If you're having a big crowd you might consider making more than one or roasting an additional breast, as white meat seems to be the favorite. I always brine then roast my turkey and you can follow the link to my pictorial step-by-step instructions to ensure the very best, juiciest roasted turkey you will ever serve.

Baked Ham
To add some variety, this year I also prepared a ham. Just remember that most ham comes pre-cooked and ready to eat and only requires the most gentle warming before serving. For info on ham preparation, check my blog post here.

Julian's Green Bean Casserole
Julian's Chestnut Dressing with Sausage
Of course, the classic green bean casserole and chestnut stuffing are pretty standard dishes and if you don't prepare them expect people to ask. So I always make them for the holidays. The dressing is more time consuming but can be prepared a day in advance and baked on Thanksgiving. My detailed recipe instructions are available to assist you.

Julian's Dessert Buffet
After everyone's had the chance to rest a bit, it's time for the dessert selections. This year I've made a couple pies (pumpkin and pecan) and some chocolate mousse cups. A friend brought the lovely pineapple upside down cake. With some coffee, these will hit the spot. We may need a nap afterwards!

Julian's Thanksgiving Chocolate Mousse Cups
My our homes to yours, best wishes for a joyous Thanksgiving feast!

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