Wednesday, July 20, 2016

GelPro Kitchen Floor Mat Review

Replacing the kitchen rugs with GelPro mats seemed like a no brainer as I cook quite a lot and find myself standing in the kitchen for long periods. So when I saw them at Costco I thought seriously about purchasing them. GelPro floor mats are ergonomically designed with a shock-absorbing gel core. As I like to do a bit of online research to see what others think, and as the color selection was quite limited in the store, I didn't initially purchase them.

Julian's Gel Pro Green Kitchen Matts
As you can see above, I eventually purchased them online, directly from Gel Pro. On the website they have a large selection of colors, styles and patterns. I chose the Gel Pro Elite. I'm hoping to concur with the majority (about 66% on Amazon reviews) who have been very happy with this family of products. The elite and professional grade models have higher ratings, but the number of reviewers is quite small, so I'm not sure you can purchase based on that. I've had mine now for only six months, so I suppose they still could have issues, but the company seems to stand pretty strongly behind the product.

The most common issue noted online is the corners and sometimes the edges, curling and peeling. The mats alone are pretty thick (see below) and until you get used to them even in mint condition, they can be a slight trip hazard if you are used to no mat, or just a kitchen rug. We have hard wood floors and non-backed rugs tended to slide. Rubber backed rugs wore out quickly because of the need for regular washing.

Showing the thickness.
The new Gel Pro mats are easy to care for and we mostly just wash them with a damp cloth. If something sticky gets on them, perhaps a little soapy dishwater is all that's required. The housekeeper is familiar with caring for them, as many of her homes have them. She cautions that you must make sure the floor is completely dried before putting the mats back in place and that we must follow the instructions on the Gel Pro website, which we do.

As far as functionality, I really like them. Standing in the kitchen is something I do quite a bit, as you can tell from this blog. And they do make it easier on the feet, legs and back. I wear a gym shoe, kitchen clog or sandal for most cooking projects, and they are fine on the mat. They caution about wearing pointy heals as it could make a hole in the mat as they are soft and spongy. I can't imagine anyone cooking in stilettos but if you do, you can't use them on these mats.

After my limited six month experience, I can say that they are very attractive and quite functional. I'm hoping they last a while, because they are quite expensive at just over $300 for the pair. I'll update this entry after having them for about a year to let everyone know how they are holding up.

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