Saturday, August 9, 2014

Best Garlic Press

I've searched for years for a better garlic press than the one I had. Most are really not as good as your chef's knife, and take longer to clean up after use.

Julian's Favorite Garlic Press
That is, until Cooks Illustrated published an article on their test of garlic presses and I discovered the Kuhn Rikon press shown here. This handsome, all stainless-steel garlic press makes quick, efficient work of pressing garlic or ginger. You can even place unpeeled garlic cloves inside and get the pressed garlic you want. It requires less effort than my old press and the sieve hinges out for easy clean up. It says it is diashwasher safe, although I've never bothered.

If you're in the market for a new, perhaps a little pricey, garlic press, this is the item of choice. Great gift for the cook in your family or for yourself. Highly recommended and available on Amazon.

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