Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pecan Smoked Rotisserie Chicken

Nothing makes a better chicken than cooking it on the rotisserie.  And with grill season in high gear, I finally got around to testing out the new rotisserie burner on my new Weber Summit.  The old Weber had a rotisserie function, which I  used often, but the new Summit has the rotisserie burner as well.  I was anxious to see if I could get a nice, crisp, browned skin like they do at the stores.  Additionally, the Summit has a smoker box, and after advice from a few of you and the girl at the Weber store, I purchased pecan wood chips and forged ahead with both the new rotisserie burner as well as the smoker function.

I prepared the chicken they way I  always have for the grill.  Simply wash and pat dry, oil the skin and season with favorite seasonings.  As I didn't want to overpower the nature flavor of the fresh Amish chicken or the flavor imparted by the pecan smoke, I just used some seasoned salt, pepper and Italian seasoning.  Then I trussed up the bird and put it on the spit.  Finally I gave it a light sprinkle of sugar to help with browning.

My chicken weighed in just under four pounds, and I cooked it with the rotisserie burner on med-high for one hour and 15 minutes.  As I also had camp potatoes on the grill (this week with red skin potatoes, peppers, sweet onion and seasonings), I  also lit two of the bottom burners and kept them on low.

Kevin felt the chicken was the best he had ever had.  The in-laws, who usually eat very little, had extra helpings, so I  knew the food was good.  The chicken was moist yet fully cooked and 'fall-off-the-bone' tender.  The skin was crispy and flavorful and the electric knife ensure each piece I carved maintained a portion of yummy crisp skin.

Next time I'm going to increase the amount of wood chips to impart yet more pecan flavor.  I was amazed how much the smoker function helped with the flavor.  Thanks to all of you who recommended I try smoking the chicken.  It was really great.  If you haven't tried it, give it a go.  Even without a smoker box, you can use a pan inside the grill with the water-soaked wood chips.  You'll be glad you tried it. 

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