Friday, August 13, 2010

Just for The Halibut

Well with summer in Chicago becoming quite hot and the in-laws visiting from China, I thought a nice piece of fish on the grill sounded good.  Keeping with my prior post on one-grill meals, the local produce shop had nice acorn squash and asparagus to accompany a lovely piece of halibut I found at Costco. 

Here in Chicago it's not that easy to find good, fresh fish.  But this fish was particularly nice having never been frozen and it was still firm and white.  I grill whole fish in a fish basket directly over the fire.  But for fillets of any type, I prefer the soaked cedar board.  It keeps the fish moist and tender and is easy to remove to a serving platter and doesn't need to be turned when cooking.  If you haven't tried these, please look for them.

You'll be pleased with how easy they are to use (just toss out after use, so easy clean up), requiring only that you soak them in water for 30-60 minutes prior to placing them on the grill with your tender fillet.  Shown here I used a bit of spicy potlach seasoning I had on hand.  Season to your taste and cook with the grill closed (about 375F) for about 20-30 minutes depending on the thickness of the fish.  Turn the thin end under so it does not overcook.  When done, run a spatula underneath and it should slide right onto the serving platter in one lovely piece.

If you haven't done acorn squash on the grill, it's just as easy as in the oven.  Trim both ends so they will sit flat on the plate when served.  Scoop out the seeds and rinse the insides.  Sprinkle with salt, pepper, nutmeg and a little brown sugar.  Place a pat of butter inside one half and close it together with the other half.  Wrap in foil and place on the grill turning once half way through (grill closed, about 45 minutes at 350-375F total cooking time).   Carefully remove from the foil when done and place on plates or platter, pouring juices from the foil back into the wells of the squash. 

We started with a cherry tomato salad (my plants produced at record pace this summer), then had the above dinner.  From start to finish, the entire meal including clean up only took two hours.  Fresh, easy and delicious!  Just what a summer meal should be.


  1. Thanks Tiffany. The plank really keeps the fish quite moist and flakey. It's the best method I've found for grilling a filet.