Friday, July 2, 2010

Cherry Tomato Salad

Today I had my first tomato harvest of the season.  I planted early this year and had to cover the plants several times to protect them from the frost.  But the early planting and the warm Spring have paid off.  My cherry tomatoes are ready for consumption!

I always plant "Sweet 100" and the name gives you an indication of the number of tomatoes this potted tomato plant can produce.  I also like to plant a yellow cherry or plum tomato as well.  While you can use the little gems in traditional lettuce salads, the quantity usually necessitates preparation of one of my favorite summer dishes; cherry tomato salad.

Since I also have fresh basil and parsley growing, I trim off a handful and bring it inside for a quick wash.  I halve the tomatoes and add some small balls of fresh mozzarella cheese from the local Italian produce shop.  Then I chop up some fresh garlic and throw in some Greek olives I happen to have in the refrigerator.  I chop the basil and parsley and gently toss.  Then I simply dress with a good olive oil and balsamic vinegar and finish with some salt and pepper.  You then have before you one of the special treats summer provides.

My heirloom tomatoes look promising as well, but seem to have several weeks to go before I get to sink my teeth into those beauties!

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