Friday, July 16, 2010

Burgers on the New Weber Grill

If you read this post regularly, you know I finally made my new grill selection.  What was better to test it out than the all-American hamburger!  Not having had a high-temperature searing burner before, I was not exactly certain how this would work.

I made the burgers using nothing but a good quality ground beef, 80% lean.  I added some seasoned salt and a bit of granulated garlic and headed to the patio. I always make a little dent in the top of each one to allow for expansion keeping the burger relatively flat when cooked.

After pre-heating the searing burner, I put the lightly oiled burgers on the grill and the sizzle began immediately.  After 3 minutes or so on side one, they flipped cleanly not sticking to the grates.  The searing heat had kept in the juices so no flame-ups occured.  They were nicely marked and the other side cooked as fast as the first, meaning the pear and spinach salad I had prepared was consumed quickly to make way for the classic burgers with a side of sweet corn.

The burgers had a nice gentle crust and held in all of their juices.  I had quickly toasted the buns on the grill so they too added texture.  The meal was a welcome way to start the summer grilling season.  Steaks and chops next, then on to the more advanced rotisserie and smoker functions.  Stay tuned!

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