Monday, March 22, 2010


Easter is always a time for a special meal. When I'm having a large group I tend toward ham. But in recent years my guest list has been on the smaller side which affords me the opportunity to prepare a more formal holiday meal.

I always like the meal to have a festive spring look. Last year I started the meal with an olive tapenade on toast, then prepared stuffed pork rolls. It's a tradition in my house to pickle beets and add peeled hard boiled eggs. They not only make a wonderful salad but the color goes well with the occasion.

I am fortunate to have a rare set of Rochard "Still Life" dinner service from Limoges, France. It is not dishwasher safe and very hard to find replacement pieces. So for these reasons, I rarely use it. But for Easter I do think it is my best looking table service, so I often bring it out when we have a small, formal Easter gathering.

I often go with berry trifle for dessert (see last week's entry), but this year I ended the meal with a fruit and cheese plate, topped off with Australian apricots dipped in dark chocolate. This was accompanied by a nice Cockburn Ruby port (2000, which was an exceptional year for port.) I don't think anyone missed having a more typical dessert.


  1. Goodness David, those plates are so beautiful... it looks like it will be a spectacular Easter dinner! I love the color of those napkins!

  2. Thanks. I have the full dinner service for this china pattern, and it is my favorite to see and least favorite to care for. What can you do? :)