Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Prime Rib or Turkey?

Many of us think about turkey when we plan our Christmas menus. Some prefer a ham. I love both, but when you want a dish that says this is a really special event, why not do prime rib?

This year I ventured out to our local Costco (warehouse club) and found a large selection of very nice looking standing rib roasts of beef. If you've not cooked one before, it is not exceptionally difficult. The bones on the roast prop up the meat for cooking. Simply tie the meat with butchers twine, butter the end caps and you are ready to go. You don't have to season the meat before cooking, and in fact it is best if you do not add salt to the roast as it just draws out the moisture which makes the meat dry. In my prior post on this subject, I point you to more specific techniques should you decide to try this juicy and special entree.

While we had the full English feast, starting with soup and ending with a steamed pudding, I must admit to having a taste for turkey. Common as it may be, I still had a taste for turkey so popped a half of a fresh bone-in turkey breast in the oven for dinner today. It hit the spot, and left a nice selection of white meat for sandwiches tomorrow as well. Yum!

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