Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Crown Roast of Lamb

Perhaps nothing looks quite so festive as a crown roast on a holiday table. If you are having a large crowd, a crown of roast pork will do quite nicely. But as it takes 2-3 racks to make a crown roast (and each rack has 6-8 chops), a crown roast of pork serves up to 24 individuals with a pork chop per person. As I usually don't have a gathering that large, I typically make a crown roast of lamb for holidays.
In this roast, I stuffed the center with a rice dish. You can stuff the center with whatever you like best. Adding the little frills on each rib tip adds to the festivity. As usual with lamb, take care to not overcook so you have pink, tender, juicy lamb for your dinner.

Whatever you cook for your family and friends this holiday season, I'm sure it will bring them joy. My personal greetings to you and yours and best wishes for a very Merry Christmas!!

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