Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Now for something completely different!

Tonight Kevin took center stage in the kitchen and prepared a dish that is famous in China for its curative powers: Silkie Black Chicken Soup. The Silkie (sometimes spelled Silky) is a breed of chicken named for its fluffy plumage that feels like silk. It also has dark blue flesh and bones, blue earlobes and five toes on each foot (while most chickens have four). It comes is several colors, white and black being the most common. The earliest accounts of Silkies comes from Marco Polo, who wrote about a furry chicken in the 13th century during his long stay in Peking (now Beijing.)

While not an everyday dish even in China, it is well known and thought to be good for one's health. Specifically it is thought to fight colds and flu, much like the American chicken noodle soup is thought to do. Kevin's version of this soup includes radishes, ginger, turnip, ginseng and fried tofu. As we are learning to work with our new pressure cooker, this dish is being prepared with that equipment as it should make soup quickly while retaining all of the flavor.

Since our H1N1 vaccines here in the Midwest seem to be scarce, this is our attempt at keeping healthy during this flu season.

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