Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Food - Soups and Stews

When the leaves turn golden and a chill is in the air, I get particularly hungry for home made soups and stews. It's not just the taste of these dishes I savor, but the smell they fill the house with when you are preparing them. I have many favorites, although just about anything with ham sounded good to me this week. I even had a ham bone standing by in the freezer from sometime past, which I cannot recall.

Last year, a good friend and his mom came over so we could prepare together yellow split pea soup. I'd never made it before, but it certainly wouldn't be the last time I prepared it. Along with any of the other split pea or hearty ham stew, this recipe is sure to please as the weather turns chilly.

"This soup is usually served with beer and a good rye bread. A meaty ham bone will provide bite size pieces of ham to add to the soup just before serving. I buy a slice of ham and cut it up and add to the soup when it is finished if the ham bone isn't meaty enough" said the recipe's author, Mrs. Childs. If you haven't made it for your family, give it a go. It's not difficult, can be fun to prepare with family or friends, and will make your house smell like home.

For the complete recipe, see the Recipe Binder on my Facebook profile page.

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