Sunday, September 6, 2009

Peaches and Port

As you likely know if you read my blog, I've been immersed in peaches lately. For a recent dinner party, I prepared a simple peach crisp. Just like its more famous apple cousin, it is easy to prepare and an assured success. But getting the quantity of peaches just right for your dish can be tricky. Here I had just about four small servings of peaches remaining that were simply too much to fit my baking dish. So I placed them in a bowl and doused them in good port wine. Turning them from time to time, they macerated in their juices and the port, and the juice became thickened.

Placing them in petite serving dishes, I topped them with a bit of whipped cream. They tasted delicious and married very well with the port. Using a good port with fruit, from melons to peaches, is an easy way to make a memorable dessert and I highly recommend it to you.

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