Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Farewell Dinner

Tonight we enjoyed our last dinner with Hungbo, Kevin's sister who has visited us from China this summer. She commented that during her stay she never had the same meal twice. I was intent on showing her the wide-range of western foods. Many in China think of western food as only pizza, sandwiches and McDonald's. She's headed home with a new perspective on our meals and the many cultures than influence them here in the USA.

With peaches in season and deliciously juicy, I celebrated the peach for dinner tonight. We started with peach martini's, and ended with a peach crisp. With my salad repertoire limited, I was searching for something different after having focused largely on garden salads and other salads with fresh tomatoes from my garden (Caprese, etc.) A spinach salad that I hadn't made in years came to mind, and included bean sprouts, eggs, bacon, walnuts and poppyseed dressing. While a rather rich salad, it hit the spot and was happily received by our international guest.

For the main course we had lamb t-bones, with grilled potatoes and french green beans. Lamb is very uncommon in China, although like the Greeks they do eat goat. Like many Americans however, there is concern that lamb/goat can taste and smell quite gamey and strong, and for this reason it is not always popular. I was reminded of this previously when a guest announced they didn't eat lamb, which I was about to serve him that evening. He told a horror story of his mother's preparation and the final result. I just begged him to try my grilled lamb and to his delight and mine, he grately enjoyed the meal. The lamb, served tonight in the same fashion, is accompanied by a port wine reduction.

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