Friday, September 4, 2009

Dining in Italy

As you may know, I just returned from nearly two weeks in lovely Italy. This trip we visited Venice, Pisa (home of the famous leaning tower), Lucca (home of opera-great Puccini) and Florence (city of the Medici and home of renaissance art). It was a wonderful trip and of course, filled with all kinds of good food. We ate mostly at the simple trattoria, which remind you of visiting grandma's kitchen. Simple, fresh foods, in all of their wholesome goodness. I include a photo here of hand made tortellini with peas and ham in a light cream sauce.... absolutely delicious.

This was in Venice, our first stop on this trip. We also dined in several very nice ristorante, which are famous for their more complex preparations of locally grown foods. There were also many seafood options as shown here with this lovely shellfish platter.

No matter what the venue, good pasta options were always on the menu and we enjoyed many of them. The region is also famous for its Chianti and we drank little else while there. Who could ask for more than a good bottle of Chianti and a nice dish of fresh pasta?


  1. Hi David! I'm so jealous-I've been longing to visit Italy for awhile now! Your trip sounded absolutely perfect. I just discovered your food blog, how fun. I remember your recipes, and occasionally refer to them. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey Diane. You will love Italy... who doesn't? The food, the sites, the people... all wonderful. The biggest problem you will have is trying to decide where to go no the first trip. There is way too much to see for only one visit!