Saturday, August 8, 2009

Selecting Peaches

Late summer is a time for fresh fruits here in the Midwest of the USA. At this time of the year we have wonderful local peaches. Every year then, I make a number of dishes that use this seasonal fruit. Yes, you can get peaches all year long, but try to slip off their skins or open them to find an undeveloped stone. Now is the time to use the local fruit when it is at its peak.

With that said, selecting just the right fruit can be tricky. You want a freestone peach, that is not overly ripe but not hard and green. The ideal fruit yields just slight to the thumb at the market. Brought home and made into this pie within 24 hours, you'll have just the right, sweet, lovely dessert. Use the traditional method of dropping the peaches in a boiling bath for just 30 seconds or so, then immerse in an ice-water bath. Slip off the skins, remove the stones and slice. Place into a partially pre-baked pie shell, and add the cream sauce. Let chill a couple hours and serve.

Peaches just on their own make a wonderful dessert when in season. Alternatively they make a lovely peach or peach & cherry pie. This version, peaches with cream, brings together the flavors of the past (peaches were commonly served with just cream poured over in Victorian times.) Making this into a pie is a summer treat that my friends and family would not want to do without.


  1. I love freestone peaches, but often can't find them. Sometimes in winter, I get such a jones for peaches with cottage cheese and it is next to impossible to find them canned. They are definitely better than the "cling" variety, I think.

  2. I concur.... freestone peaches are hard to find these days. I don't know why.