Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Grilled Cedar Plank Teriyaki Salmon

One of the easiest preparations for the grill in the summer is fresh salmon. With Kevin's family visiting from China, I'm looking for easy dinners with classic, fresh American ingredients that they will enjoy. A large salmon fillet on the grill fits the bill.

For this week's preparation, I marinated the salmon fillet in a teriyaki sauce with sesame seeds for about six hours, turning it halfway through. About 30 minutes prior to placing it on the grill, I soaked a cedar plank (available at many stores in the summer just for this purpose) in water. It is simple then to place the salmon on the board and to roast it over the fire (at about 375F) for approximately 30 minutes. The salmon slides onto your platter with a slight smokey cedar flavor combined with the flavors of the marinade and the delicious fresh, moist fish. Even visitors who say they don't like fish admit to enjoying salmon when it is prepared in this manner.


  1. It looks grand. Too bad my bride doesn't care for salmon. Last night I grilled some (soaked) corn on the cob along with the steak & burgers & dogs over a Stubb's charcoal with mesquite chips. The kids rejected the corn, but it was wonderfully smoky and worth trying.

  2. Smoked corn on the cob is wonderful. But kids have limited tastes. But your bride; that's another story. I served this salmon to a family member who swears not to like fish and he said "wow, I really like this" and had a second piece. Perhaps worth a re-taste for your lovely lady?