Saturday, July 18, 2009

Roasted Chicken

Is there anything quite as satisfying as a fresh roasted chicken? It is the simplest of preparations and perhaps one of the best meals you can prepare for your family. Nothing feeds more people per pound than a good chicken. I like the Amish country chickens, even available in stores here in the Chicagoland area. Simply roast it on the grill, preferably on a rotisserie to keep it moist and to develop a crisp skin. Shown here with just Italian herbs, consider a spicy dry rub to kick the flavor up a notch! An entire meal, chicken, corn, potatoes and carrots, can be cooked all at the same time on the grill. What could be more delightful in the summer! And don't toss out that carcass. Throw it in a pot with some water, onions and white wine and make a quick chicken stock for later use.

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